Hip Hop

HIP HOP DANCE: signifies dance styles performed to hip hop music. Hip hop dance and music is a constantly evolving culture. It contains styles of dance created in the 1970’s such as popping, locking, and breaking. Newer styles such as tutting, and krumping have developed from the original movements of the 1970’s; all are considered to be street dance. Hip-hop is often high energy and performed with an individual style and point of view. Today it has many influences and techniques. Part of hip-hop’s evolution is that it is now being taught in studios around the world.

Hip Hop: Age 7 & up: This class meets for one hour and is an introduction to the style and choreography of hip hop. Dancers will expand their ability to dance to a beat, multiple rhythmic patterns, and overall musicality. Through fun and innovative sequences dancers will develop their coordination and body awareness. This is an exciting high-energy class for the beginner up to the experienced beginning dancer.

Hip Hop: Age 10 & up: This one hour class is a continuation of the lower level. In this class dancers will be given more advanced sequences and complex choreography. Dancers are encouraged to focus on performance quality through the cutting-edge choreography. This is for the intermediate to advanced dancers.